The Persons Living With AIDS Network of Saskatchewan Inc. (PLWA Network) is a non-profit, charitable, community-based Indigenous organization serving the City of Saskatoon and the Province of Saskatchewan, by providing services for those infected or affected by HIV (the virus that causes AIDS). The PLWA Network was established in 1987 and incorporated February 24, 1988 (No. 290564). It has charitable status with Revenue Canada under charitable number 1325274-90RR0001.


It is the PLWA Network’s vision to move HIV positive persons affected by cultural genocide, generational trauma, child welfare apprehension and subsequent mental health and active street-drug use to become HIV undetectable (where the virus is no longer detected within the blood stream), self- determining and self-sufficient people in the Saskatoon community and beyond.


The PLWA Network supports HIV positive persons and persons living at risk of contracting the virus, on their life journey. We do this by meeting people where they are at, by encouraging anti-retroviral suppression, supporting medication adherence, encouraging safe sexual practice and safe intravenous drug use, listening to what our members indicate they need to assist them with access to the Saskatchewan HIV Cascade of Care and providing assistance with the social determinants of health, including homelessness, food insecurity, social exclusion, stigma/discrimination, Indigenous status and disability, including mental health and addictions. We continue to encourage and support physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing and wellness in our communities by providing care and support to persons living with HIV. The PLWA Network maintains blind service delivery status in the community, cultural competency and culturally safe spaces.

The PLWA Network has over 400 HIV positive persons registered with our organization, receiving over 25,000 requests for programs and services each year.

Purpose and Programs

To create a positive attitude and engender a feeling of hope for persons with HIV or AIDS, as well as their families, friends and partners.

Social/Fundraising Events

The social isolation experienced by persons who live with HIV can sometimes be over-whelming. Our social/fundraising events are put on primarily to enhance a feeling of ‘community’ among our members.

Our Lives – The PLWA Newsletter

Works to lesson social isolation by keeping our members across Saskatchewan up-to-date on The PLWA Network, treatments, drug therapy, nutrition and other AIDS support organizations. Members’ submissions to the newsletter are always welcome.


Provides assistance to individuals who are unable to cover the cost of prescription drugs not covered by the Health Plan, transportation, in-hospital TV/Telephone, special equipment rentals, and direct financial assistance.

Resource Library

Information on nutrition, treatments, drug therapies, traditional and/or non-traditional therapies.

Speakers Bureau

The PLWA Network is comprised of both infected and affected persons throughout Saskatchewan. Our Speakers address groups of individuals from all walks of life, answering questions about the personal side of living with HIV, in essence, putting a human face to a disease that is little known and frightens many people in today’s society.


Toll-free: 1-800-226-0944, accessible throughout Saskatchewan.
THE PLWA does not prescribe to call display. All contacts are confidential.

Our Funders



The Persons Living with AIDS Network of SK. Inc. works in the spirit of truth and reconciliation, acknowledging Saskatchewan as the traditional territory of First Nations People and the homeland of the Métis People. The PLWA Network provides free support to persons affected and inflicted with HIV/AIDS in Saskatoon and the province of Saskatchewan.
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