HIV Support Services

The Persons Living with AIDS NETWORK of Saskatchewan (PLWA) provides SUPPORT, CARE AND EDUCATION services for Persons Living with HIV/ AIDS. It is our goal to create a positive attitude and engender a feeling of hope for persons with HIV/AIDS, as well as for their families, friends and partners.
Our Services include:
  • Nutritional Support
  • Daily Lunches
  • Hot Meal for Group Sessions
  • Munchies and a Movie Everyday
  • Multi-Vitamins Program
  • One on One Support Counselling
  • Peer and Professional Support
  • Health and Wellness Guidance
  • Socializing Activities
  • Birthday Celebrations (cake)
  • Advocacy/Referrals
  • Drop-In Centre
  • Emergency Care Fund
  • Knowledge Keeper Groups
  • Masterclass Groups
  • HIV Rapid Testing
  • Emergency Hampers and Hygiene Supplies
  • Housing Services
  • Emergency Pet Food Program
  • Addictions Worker
  • and much more....
  • Eviction Prevention 101
  • Healthy Pet Ownership 101

The Niiyanaan Pimatishihk Project

THE PLWA does not prescribe to call display. All contacts are confidential.

Our Funders


The Persons Living with AIDS Network of SK. Inc. works in the spirit of truth and reconciliation, acknowledging Saskatchewan as the traditional territory of First Nations People and the homeland of the Métis People. The PLWA Network provides free support to persons affected and inflicted with HIV/AIDS in Saskatoon and the province of Saskatchewan.
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